What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system which includes: Acupuncture; Chinese herbs; oriental massage; nutrition; and exercise.

For more than 3000 years many cultures have benefited from this method of treating and preventing diseases. Today TCM is recognized world-wide. The World Health organization has researched and documented the effectiveness of TCM. Medical communities throughout the world are integrating this medicine into their healthcare systems.

In TCM emphasis is placed upon understanding the underlying cause of each individual imbalance. This holistic approach to health not only addresses physical complaints, but also emotional, environmental, and lifestyle conditions.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

TCM theory explains that pain and disease are caused by either an imbalance or a blockage of the energy (Qi) circulating through the body.

In an acupuncture treatment extremely thin disposable needles, made of surgical steel, are inserted at specific points on the body. Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs. The acupuncture treatment corrects the imbalances and removes the blockages of energy (Qi), thus restoring the body to good health.

Only disposable needles are used in this practice.

Does Acupuncture Work?

Throughout history, more people have been treated with acupuncture and Oriental Medicine than all other modalities combined. Today this medical system continues to help people throughout this country and the world.

Does Acupuncture Provide Long Lasting Results?

Acupuncture addresses the underlying cause of disease, not merely the symptoms. When correcting the cause of the problem, the results are long-lasting or permanent.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed varies widely according to the condition. Usually one or two treatments per week are recommended. Chronic cases may require treatment for several weeks or longer. Acute problems generally respond much faster. Occasional treatments throughout the year are usually sufficient to maintain good health.

How Long Does Each Treatment Last?

This also varies. At New Harmony Life the initial treatment is about 1 and ½ hours.
Follow up treatments are about an hour each.

Can I Feel the Needles?

Sometimes there is a mild discomfort that lasts momentarily upon insertion of the acupuncture needle. Acupuncture needles are very thin and are inserted quickly to avoid the sensation of pain. Once the needles are in place, the patient usually does not feel them.

Do Chinese Herbs Really Work?

There are three strong pieces of evidence suggesting that Chinese herbs are a
viable means of treatment.


Modern pharmaceutical drugs have been produced, tested and put to good use during this past century following use as crude herbs in China.


Pharmacological testing with cell cultures has been carried out on hundreds of
Chinese herbs during the last 50 years. It has been demonstrated that most of the
herbs have significant physiological activity and very often this activity correlates well
with the traditional use of the herb.


Clinical studies, utilizing the single herbs or, more often, complex formulas, have been carried out, by large scale hospital trials involving hundreds of patients. The results of the studies clearly indicate that recalcitrant diseases that fail to respond satisfactorily to modern drug treatments often do respond markedly to herbal therapy.

The effects of herbs are usually (but not always) seen after several days of regular use, rather than immediately, but once the effects are established, they often persist for a long time. The use of acupuncture (and/or physical therapy) plus herbs usually provides the most dramatic results.

What About Endangered Species?

Absolutely NO herbal materials which contain endangered species, plant or animal, will be used in this practice.