It’s easy to tell you about ourselves but it’s so much more reassuring to have personal recommendations and reassurances about what we offer (and the subsequent results) from real clients. Here are just a few first-hand comments…

I was very blessed to be directed to Jowanna for her expertise in acupuncture 13 yrs ago for my daughter training as a junior olympic gymnast. As the years went by she treated three of my daughters competing in gymnastics and myself for R.A….she is, what I consider to be one of the very best in health care. She is missed here in the states but I am thrilled to see she is offering her gift in Penzance.

D. Walsh, Vancouver, WA

Hi, Jowanna. You treated me for allergies and I just want to say THANK YOU!! The bulk of my treatments were in the winter and now that allergy season has hit full on…and it’s supposed to be a bad season right now…I have to say THANK YOU!!! I am not taking any allergy meds and I can still breathe! And no asthma symptoms! It’s a great feeling! I am very grateful!


Jowanna does outstanding acupuncture treatments. She has helped me with chronic low back pain that did not respond to other treatments. She has also helped me when I was extremely fatigued and needed to be re-energized. Jowanna’s work is very comprehensive. She has helped me with emotional issues including an excess of anger and feeling depressed. When you choose Jowanna you will be surprised at how effective her treatments are. You may notice, as I have, a new and unexpected joy during her work. I have had acupuncture from other practitioners and found it to be balancing and relaxing. Jowanna’s work is in a class by itself and is the best I have ever had.

Bruce S.

The healing starts when Jowanna enters the room. She is totally focused on her patient, carefully listens to her history, and is fully engaged in the healing. She poses thoughtful questions to clarify all facets of the medical problem. Jowanna truly understands the two thousand year old, Chinese medicine. She has 4 years of advanced training as well as over 20 years of practical experience. Jowanna has been a blessing to me.

Marybeth S.

I received acupuncture treatment from Jowanna for four years and would continue if not for her relocation in 2016 to the UK. I cannot say enough good things about her, her practice and the positive outcomes I experienced.

Not only is Jowanna caring, highly knowledgable and a confident practitioner of Chinese medicine but she’s also a seasoned provider of health care in Western medicine settings.

I went to her with a multitude of complaints and she did an excellent job of sorting through my issues and treating them successfully.

I especially recommend treatment for musculoskeletal pain. For more than two decades prior to receiving acupuncture, I had treatment from chiropractors and massage therapists but saw little to no lasting improvement. With acupuncture, however, tightness in my neck and shoulders nearly disappeared. Under Jowanna’s care I could go weeks without pain. In addition, I no longer catch a virus at the drop of a hat and I now know what “relaxed” feels like.

Don’t wait to make an appointment with Jowanna!

Shelly S.